Working Together

Working out what is next for you, if you worked before you were a SAHM and are now thinking about going back to work, can be completely overwhelming.

You possibly feel uncertain, insecure, lacking in confidence and like you’ve nothing left that anyone would want.  

What I would like to show is that working out what’s next is just a process. A straightforward, simple process that I take all my clients through.

I turned this process onto a program called The Back to Work Roadmap for Mothers and it is a combination of online training combined with live coaching.

Let’s Chat!

The first step is to work out whether or not we are a good fit and if the program is right for you. This call is also to hear your story and give you your personalised, first step to take moving forward. 

The Back to Work Roadmap for Mothers

My program is a combination of online training and live coaching. It is a 6 week program that takes you on a journey which will;
-rebuild your confidence & self esteem
-show the pathway to finding your purpose beyond the home
-give you practical, actionable activities to help you find that next role beyond motherhood
-give you the hope, optimism and confidence to believe in a future you can be excited about
What you’ll get;
-lifetime access to the material (6 Modules, 37 lessons with worksheets, scripts, activities)
-weekly live coaching and Q&A sessions
-the opportunity for ongoing coaching & support

I am a career & life coach, consultant and ex-recruitment consultant. I have a very diverse career background across several industries from industrial relations, recruitment, sales & business development, operations and general management through to running my own business whilst living in the USA (Koala Kuddles). 

After my own experience of re-entering the workforce, I realised there was an enormous gap in supporting women in this process. 

I created my own coaching program, The Back to Work Roadmap for Mothers, which is a combination of mindset strategies as well as pragmatic tools and frameworks to give women the confidence to pursue the (professional) future they want for themselves.

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