If you’re thinking about going back to work but are overwhelmed at how you are going to make a choice about whether or not it be full time or part time, just know you have options….like most things in life, it’s not binary.  Here are a few (largely for my Australian mums).

Self Employed
Well done you, that’s exciting! Being self employed gives you huge amounts of flexibility. Just be mindful of the costs of setting up a business and how you can manage your super as no one else is paying it!
Perhaps you’ve decided you’d like to work retail in a beautiful homewares store, or in hospitality or as a real estate assistant stylist to someone else. (Perhaps you’re thinking about starting your own homewares store and want to understand it from the inside, or perhaps you want to have your own stylist company one day and need to see if it’s really what you want). Just be aware of rates you should be paid, are they paying your super, who’s paying your tax, so you get sick leave or annual leave? There are obviously great perks around managing your time and balancing what you want to do.
Perhaps there’s a specific project you’re interested in or your skills are required for a certain period of time (like covering a maternity leave). Contracts can be a great way to get back into the industry you want to end up full time in and they give you the opportunity to keep building your network and skills. Just remember that you need to end up with a contract that includes all that you need. Especially if you are being paid through a recruiter (so a third party) because they will be adding all their costs on top. Check, does your hourly rate include super? What sick or annual leave provisions do you have?
Part time
BEWARE the return to work mums’ trap of being paid part time but end up working full time hours…this happens ALL the time. Part time work is a great way to go back to work. Much more manageable on the home front and give you the opportunity to structure the week as you would like to. Just be sure to set in place plenty of boundaries about when you’re working, from home or office, hours, flexibility and so on. But part time is a great way back.
Full time

Go you! If you’re kids are older and less physically dependent on you then going back full time can seem very straightforward. If they are younger, it is still absolutely possible, just requires some planning and pre thinking around scenarios like sick kids, dentist appointments, after school pick ups and so on.

Much like the part time scenario though, have very clear boundaries and stick to them! Give yourself time to work out what these sorts of boundaries are.


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