Why you shouldn’t wait until Covid is ‘over’ before starting to think about life beyond motherhood…

As Melbourne passes 200 days in lockdown (not consecutively) there is a sense of fatigue blanketing the city and its people.  I hear many women say, “I have really thought about maybe going back to work but what’s the point in even trying?” And I can certainly appreciate why they might be thinking this way.

I’d like to lay out what you should be starting the process now, even though it seems like it might be ‘a waste of time’.  A mother returning to work is in a very unique position and has unique challenges unlike someone currently working looking to change jobs.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t wait till Covid is over

1. This is not a fast process

For many women, going back to work is not an overnight process. It’s not like to you make the decision that you’d like to consider it and the next day you are starting full time time. Far from it. There are several aspects to thinking about ‘what’s next’ and they don’t happen quickly. Sure, you can speed some of them up quite quickly but many you can’t, or in fact, won’t want to speed up.

2. You’ll need to think about you

And this is something that you don’t want to rush. If you’re going to go back to work, let’s make sure you want it to be something you want to do. Otherwise, what’s the point?? There is a process to work this out but it does take a bit of time and a bit of thinking time. It won’t happen overnight.

3. You’ll need to identify where those roles are

Maybe you have a really good solid idea of what you want to do but now it’s about working out how to get this job (whether it’s voluntary, part time , full time, casual). There is a straightforward process for this but it does take some time. You can speed it up but it’s not always something in your control so not always able to be sped up.

4. You’ll need to start planning

For you to go back to work and it be a good experience for everyone, there is planning and preparation you can do!Taking the time to map out logistics and other aspects of family life will pay huge dividends down the track. So where you’re ready to actually start work, you’ll be able to do so feeling much more confident.

5. You’ll be ahead off the curve!

With so many people deferring their plans, you’ll be on the front ready to go hard when others will be behind. Make the most of other peoples’ choice to ‘wait’ and you will be well ahead of many.

Going back to work is a process. It’s straightforward but it does take a little bit of time so use this time wisely! Use it to your advantage. Be ready at precisely the time you want to be ready. And besides, who knows how long Covid in its current form will be around….lockdowns or not, there is a path for you. Now it’s just time to plan it and follow it.

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