One of the reasons mothers choose to not engage a career (or life) coach is that it all sounds too ‘airy – fairy’. Too much like navel gazing and just not ‘productive’. What’s the point in wasting time thinking about things when I just need to ‘get on with it’.

But if you are thinking about going back to work, surely you want it to be something you’re going to enjoy and something that makes going back to work worth it. Even if you are going back to do the same thing. Right?

So here’s the thing. If you don’t take some time to think about these things, then you will end up taking a job that does not bring you joy, or does not bring any fulfilment, and that does not make you feel like going back was ‘worth it’. By taking the time, you’ll actually save yourself the time in the long run.

Let me explain by example.

You take a job which is all about self motivation, working independently, achieving targets and delivering results. Which all sounded fine but in fact, you’re an extrovert who thrives in the company of others and almost this whole job is working alone.

You take a job with a boss who you realise you keep clashing with and feeling like you’re always irritated and frustrated by. Why is this? She seemed so nice in the interview…

You take a job working on a project which has a massive focus on detail and you soon start to work out that the detail side of this job (eg. most of it) is boring you to tears…


You’re in an interview and you get that favourite question interviewers ask “tell me about yourself”. What they are asking, is ‘who are you???’.

Taking some time to understand who you are, what’s important, where your strengths are, what you enjoy (what you DON’T enjoy) are some of the things to be asking yourself because if you don’t do it before you start looking for work you will almost certainly find yourself in a job you don’t want.

And no-one wants that!

In my next piece I’ll explain what I mean when I say ‘working out who you are’.

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