Something I am always fond of, is watching a re-run of my favourite shows…doesn’t matter how many times I have seen them, there are some that I just love. I am particularly partial to M*A*S*H*, Blackadder, House…I suppose there’s something incredibly comforting about these characters I feel I know so well.

But let’s look at ourselves. And how well do you know yourself? And why does it matter?

If you are looking to go back to work because you have to – it’s a financial imperative, then, this doesn’t really apply. The luxury of considering who will bring personal fulfilment is not relevant when you are simply trying to earn enough to buy food or pay rent.

But if you are wanting to go back because you are looking for personal fulfilment by reconnecting with your professional identity, then taking some time to look at yourself is really essential. How can you seek fulfilment if you don’t know what will bring you fulfilment?  How can you be asking something from someone if you don’t know if it is what you want?

So take the time to explore you and who you are. Get comfortable with what’s important to you and start to understand why. Because if you don’t think about these concepts, you’ll wonder why you can’t quite get the job you want. Or you’ll get the job you think you want and realise it’s not what you want.  

There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it is inevitable that you will ask yourself these questions and all I am doing is speeding up the process so you can get to greater fulfilment faster!

There’s a process to understanding these things, so reach out and let’s get you started.


Diana xx

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