1. New Life
In the southern hemisphere, spring has indeed sprung. Let’s remember that spring is all about renewal & regeneration. So what parts of your life would you like to transform? And given Covid present some physical challenges, let’s think beyond the physical to the life you want. When life returns to normal and you are ready to press ‘go’, what are you going towards? What is the life you want?
2. New Opportunities
I encourage you to stop thinking small. This is your life. What opportunities are there for you? Let’s go out and discover them and not wait for them to come to you (They may never if you don’t open the door). 
3. New Direction
Tired of feeling stuck? Like you’re treading water? Or don’t want to go backwards to the career of your past? You don’t need to. Let’s set a new direction. Let’s plot the path forward in a new direction.
4. New You
Ready to shed those parts of you that you no longer want? Want to let go of the things holding you back and start to shape the person you want to be? Let’s build your self awareness. Start to truly see what’s keeping you stuck and see where all the opportunities lie for you to be the person you want to be.
5. New Connections
We know that getting your next role is going to be through a contact and it’s highly likely you haven’t met them yet. But who should you be meeting? Well, let’s chat about that!

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