If you have been thinking about wanting to go back to work but feel stuck about which choice you ‘should’ make, chances are good you need to get a bit more clarity around what you want or you do have clarity but you’re fearful you are making the ‘wrong’ choice.

Going back to work takes quite some courage and many women never actually find the courage, self belief, confidence or determination to just give it a go. They stay ‘stuck’. And this fear of getting it wrong may also hold women back for a long time.

Being worried about getting it ‘wrong’ implies that there is a ‘right’ choice but really, there is neither.  Chances are good, the first role back won’t be ‘perfect’ because you haven’t worked out yet what ‘perfect’ looks like and this concept in itself will keep evolving and changing was you change and evolve.

It’s far more important that you simply make a choice! Do something, take some action because only then will you be able to determine which bits work and which bits don’t. Don’t be afraid that it will not be perfect, because it probably won’t be perfect! And that’s just fine. Keep evolving and adjusting as you gain greater clarity about what perfection looks like.

If you’d like to have a chat about what your next step could be to get you moving in the right direction, reach out.

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