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Diana Cregan of Back To Work Roadmap

Website: Back To Work Roadmap

LinkedIn: Diana Cregan

Instagram: @backtowork.coach

Facebook: Back To Work Roadmap For Mothers

Facebook Group: Back To Work Roadmap For Mothers

Email: diana@backtoworkroadmap.com

Diana has a diverse background from industrial relations, to recruitment, operations, general management through to career coaching and now specialises in getting mothers back to work after having stayed home to raise their children.

She has moved thirteen times for her husband’s career, across Australia and the US where they stayed for seven years and where they had their second child.

Once she started her coaching practice, she realised she was attracting the same sort of client.  These clients were mothers who had been out of the workforce for a number of years and who wanted to return to work, but felt stuck about where and how to start that process.  Having been there herself, Diana realised there was actually a very straightforward pathway and her mission became to ensure that every woman who wants to return to work, knows where to start and how to get back there.

What you’ll learn in this episode

  • [02:19] Diana explains how she got involved with coaching.
  • [07:10] Seeing your own worth and value rather than accepting any opportunity.
  • [08:19] Realising that you have a choice as to what you do.
  • [09:23] How parents think about going back to work.
  • [11:20] The main fears people have when they think about going back to work.
  • [13:16] Tackling the fear of abandoning your family.
  • [14:24] How to work through obstacles to understand what you want.
  • [16:30] How your values change over time and how to identify them.
  • [18:01] How personality tests can be great tools for self-awareness.
  • [19:44] When to start assessing your return to work.
  • [22:31] Combining strengths and values with research to plan your return to work.
  • [23:09] How researching industries through informational interviews can help you figure out what you want to do next.
  • [25:24] Why asking for help is a powerful tool.
  • [27:17] How to reach out to people on LinkedIn.
  • [29:40] The process of exploring career options.
  • [31:34] How it’s your right to craft your own future.

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