Do you remember your first day at work? I don’t mean your part time job when you were at school or uni, I mean your first professional job.

My first first job was in industrial relations.  I was working for the government and working ‘in collaboration’ with some of Australia’s most militant unions. I was the brand new industrial relations assistant and wearing my brand new black suit, white silk shirt, stockings and high heels.  Which was hilarious because I spent my first morning in a large lecture theatre handing out printed material to the employees (about 300 men in tradesmen shorts, steel capped boots and t-shirts) and I can tell you I was so nervous! I didn’t answer a single question – I just referred every question to my manager.

But that eventually passed and I was perfectly confident in carrying out my role and answered calls to the department all day everyday.

Confidence is something a large number of my clients struggle with when we first start working together. Where did it go? How do I get it back? What do I need to do?

Well, confidence is a multi faceted thing but fundamentally, it comes down to knowing (and believing) you have the competence to do something. (And also knowing what you’re not good at – so self awareness is key).  Confidence comes from a sense of accomplishment.

One of the best places to start is to go back to past successes. When you were working, what were you most proud of and why? List the skills and qualities that you had that made that happen. Then we can start to really determine whether or not those skills have truly been lost or simply not used recently. (Chances are very good it’s the latter not the former).   

Confidence is also about bravery and not letting fear hold you back. Starting with even the smallest acts of courage will set you on a course of building confidence. 

Confidence is also quietening the inner critic and creating new ways of thinking and talking to yourself. We are creatures of habit so let’s build helpful habits.

If you’d like to talk about confidence building strategies and actions, let’s have a no obligation Discovery Call HERE


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