Many women think they are ‘too old’ to get back into the workforce. And it’s funny because it doesn’t matter if they are 35 or 55 they think they are too old.  If someone tells you that you’re ‘too old’ or it’s ‘too late’, I encourage you not to play in their game of life. There are no rules, so create your own.

It is never too late to pursue something that brings you fulfilment and gives you the energy and focus to look forward to every day.

When I met Mandy, she had been out of the workforce for a couple of years and was already well into her 50s. She had moved from a metropolitan city to a regional area and was anxious that she was limiting her options even further.

But she knew she wanted to get back to what she loved doing, it was just a matter of working how to get back.

First, because she was already very clear on what she wanted to do, our first steps were re-considering all of her networks. These were actually much bigger than she had realised. This is often the case, so using a good framework helps enormously.

She had thought she needed to improve her resume because she kept getting rejections. As I always say to my clients – it’s not your resume that’s going to get your next job – it’s you! And the conversations that need to be had with the right people.

Once we worked out the plan and process to follow, off she went…and 8 weeks later she had successfully been offered a job she had sought out.

It’s never too late.

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