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Some fun facts about me:  I am fluent in Italian, love travelling and have lived in a few different countries.





about me

My Story

Like every woman I work with, I am multi faceted and wear many different hats and play many different roles!

I have a son and daughter and am married to man I have moved house with 13 times, across two continents (Australia and US) although Melbourne is now home permanently!  Until the children finish study and move out, I am not moving house again!

And to complete the domestic picture we have a cavoodle named Louis.

My career is very diverse, ranging from industrial relations to recruitment consulting to operations and general management through to running my own small business selling a baby product called Koala Kuddles whilst I lived in the US.

But it wasn’t until my early 40’s when I finally realised ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up!’.  I joined all the dots of my experiences, strengths, values and interests and started a career in coaching. After gaining my (ICF) accreditation in coaching, I spent time in executive, life and career coaching and then I developed my own coaching and training program called The Back to Work Roadmap for Mothers.

I realised that my experience of feeling terribly lost about what I wanted to do was incredibly common.  I felt stuck, frustrated, disappointed and quite anxious that I would never find direction or purpose beyond the home again.  When I could see so many other women feeling exactly the same way, I realised there was an incredible opportunity to help and support these women as they navigated the process of re-connecting with their professional identity.

For many women, their identity has shifted so much they barely recognise themselves and so trying to work out what they want and ‘what’s next’ is quite overwhelming.

There is no greater privilege than being a part of a woman’s transformational journey of moving from insecure, uncertain, fearful and doubtful to optimistic, hopeful, confident and with clarity and purpose.

Every woman’s story is fascinating, and I welcome the opportunity to hear yours!

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