1. You don’t know exactly what you want
Chances are good you aren’t quite sure what you want. You know you can do lots of different things but unfortunately an unclear, non specific resume is extremely unhelpful for someone hiring (recruiter with an agency or company). Take the time to work out exactly what you want (even if this changes over time as you do more research) and be highly targeted and specific.
2.  You don’t know what the hirer is looking for
So if you’re responding to an ad you have some very specific information about what they want but what you don’t know are the important things. Things like, what are the key personality traits that are going to make this person successful? Why is the role new? What are biggest challenges facing this role? Why? What sorts of background experiences are going to give this person the best shot at success?
And if you don’t know these things, you cannot tailor your resume accordingly which means it’s going to miss the mark.
3. No Hirer is going to look past a gap of more than 5 years
When they have applications from people working right now, why would they take your resume if you haven’t been working? (Hint – they won’t.) The only way to get past them is to have a relationship with them. And you need to do that without a resume.
4. Chances are good the industry you want to work in has a particular style and format they like to receive resumes.
They may also be looking for particular sorts of information and experiences and so until you’ve had done that research (both online and talking to people in the relevant industry) don’t work on your resume.
 5. If you haven’t taken the time to build a relationship with the person you are sending the resume to then it’s not worth sending in.
Your resume will be unlikely to even get past the first stage (and chances are good you won’t even get a response). Mums returning to work are in very unique circumstances and so it requires a very specific path back.
To learn more about my roadmap back to work, contact me here to make a time for a free chat. https://calendly.com/dianacregan/discovery-call

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