Back to work roadmap for mothers

10 Tips for Interview Success

Does the thought of job interviews send you running for the Ben & Jerry’s? 

Don’t worry.  My 10 Tips for Interview Success will set you up for success so you can show up confidently for your interview.

About Diana

About Diana

 Diana combines her skills as a coach, trainer and recruitment consultant to help women find their way back to purposeful existence beyond the family. Having been there herself, she moves women from a lack of direction, confidence and self worth to a place of energised purpose, confidence and excitement about the future.

There is a familiarity to Diana that immediately puts you at ease, and I think this is so important because the process requires you to be honest with yourself without judgement. I wish I’d known Diana early on in my career, her advice, her knowledge and her ability to hear you, really listen to you, and respond with the exact nugget you need to understand at that moment in time is a gift. 

Natalie, Melbourne Australia

I found Diana to be a genuine, respectful and powerful woman. She was understanding of my limitations and adjusted her coaching accordingly, which allowed me not to despair of completing the material and consequently not lose hope in my own capacity to return to meaningful work one day. Diana has a broad knowledge of workplace relations and of the resources that can guide greater self-inquiry, leading to acquiring a role in a desired field rather than continuing the status quo. She was thorough, well prepared, well organised and well spoken. She applied scientific knowledge to self governance concepts such as harnessing the subconscious. Her material is well researched and well sourced. She inspires trust and confidence.

Kate, Canberra Australia

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