Back to work roadmap for mothers

Helping Mothers Find Their Purpose & Meaning Beyond the Home & Motherhood

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Back to Work Roadmap for Mothers

Helping women reconnect with their professional identity

I am a career & life coach, consultant and ex-recruitment consultant. I have a very diverse career background across several industries from industrial relations, recruitment, sales & business development, operations and general management through to running my own business whilst living in the USA (Koala Kuddles). 

After my own experience of re-entering the workforce, I realised there was an enormous gap in supporting women in this process. 

I created my own coaching program, The Back to Work Roadmap for Mothers, which is a combination of mindset strategies as well as pragmatic tools and frameworks to give women the confidence to pursue the (professional) future they want for themselves.

There is a path forward

Your Own Roadmap

Many women feel completely overwhelmed about where to even begin the process of heading back to work. Consequently, they often do nothing…thinking that ‘time’ will work it out.

But there is a very clear pathway. My program shows you the roadmap from beginning to end. Best of all, it is ‘do at your own pace’ so you can complete the whole process on your owns terms so it really becomes your roadmap.

Not sure where to start?

“Book Your Complimentary ‘Where Do I Start?’ Session with Me

There is a familiarity to Diana that immediately puts you at ease, and I think this is so important because the process requires you to be honest with yourself without judgement. I wish I’d known Diana early on in my career, her advice, her knowledge and her ability to hear you, really listen to you, and respond with the exact nugget you need to understand at that moment in time is a gift. 

Natalie, Melbourne, Australia

I have always been curious about people and it is nothing short of a privilege to hear about my clients’ journey. Every woman has a fascinating story and I would welcome the opportunity to hear yours!

training sessions

Learn to live your life by design, not default!

Most people go through their lives, living by default. They don’t realise their future is in their own hands and as a result rather than designing their own life and setting their own goals, they work to fulfil other peoples’ goals!

Choose to take control of your life by becoming aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it.


I found Diana to be a genuine, respectful and powerful woman. She was understanding of my limitations and adjusted her coaching accordingly, which allowed me not to despair of completing the material and consequently not lose hope in my own capacity to return to meaningful work one day. Diana has a broad knowledge of workplace relations and of the resources that can guide greater self-inquiry, leading to acquiring a role in a desired field rather than continuing the status quo. She was thorough, well prepared, well organised and well spoken. She applied scientific knowledge to self governance concepts such as harnessing the subconscious. Her material is well researched and well sourced. She inspires trust and confidence.

Kate, Canberra, Australia

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